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We are able to report an increased flurry of activity over the past few weeks with the Los Cristianos Property market, more potential buyers are searching our websites and making tentative enquiries.

With thoughts that the UK economy may be finally breaking out of the recession, people are already thinking that it may be a good time to start looking for bargain Los Cristianos property. At the moment there is still a lot of slack in the market but not everything you see at the moment on estate agents websites is priced competitively for the current market. Many properties being marketed do not reflect real current market values.

If you are selling a bargain Los Cristianos property and you are not getting enough interest please let us know and hopefully we will be able to match your property to the profile of our potential Los Cristianos property buyers.

We want to make sure that we are able to continue offering the best possible range of low priced property as the market begins to pick up. We are not suggesting that property prices are going to rise in the foreseeable future, but if they have troughed it will give buyers more confidence. Los Cristianos has always been a property hot spot and there is no reason why that should change in the future. What we are suggesting is that maybe we will not see further falls in prices if their is a renewed and sustained interest in the Los Cristianos property market.

Contact us now if you need to sell your Los Cristianos property. Follow this link to our Seller’s Enquiry  form, it will take you only a few minutes to provide us with some basic information, we will then be in touch with you regarding marketing.

We are particularly interested in reasonably priced Los Cristianos property, in the following complexes:

El Mirador, Parque Tropical, Playa Graciosa, Victoria Court 1, Victoria Court 2 and Sur y Sol.

Los Cristianos Property

Many British visitors to Tenerife have invested in a Los Cristianos property which in the past has been a property hotspot with prices rising due to the desirability of Los Cristianos as a tourist destination. Prices are still holding out well despite the recession with buyers being attracted by strong letting potential due to the all year round climate. Los Cristianos property buyers are still being attracted from the UK and also from the ever increasing Euro zone.

Most purchases are at prices considerably lower than they would have been prior to the recession. Tenerife Property will always be a strong contender for foreign buyers contemplating a purchase and most Tenerife Estate Agents are confident that Los Cristianos will almost certainly be a hotpsot again as soon as the world economy improves.

Tenerife Rentals and Long Term Letting

Many people who own Tenerife property visit the Island frequently especially the retired who mostly come to Tenerife to escape harsh winters in northern Europe; they are locally referred to as the swallows.

There is a huge Tenerife rentals market, many property owners let out their properties to the tourist market when they are not using them and Tenerife has always been a popular choice for buy to let investors because of the holiday market. There is also a good opportunity for long term letting, perhaps with the advantage of sustaining a little less wear and tear on the property. There is a wide variety of Los Cristianos Property for rent, perhaps the most popular tourist location on the Island.


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