Tenerife Tourism Statistics January 2009

The following information is reported courtesy of the Tenerife Council.

The Council recently reported a decrease in Tenerife tourism of 4.82% in January 2009 compared with January 2008. Spain reported an overall average decline of 7.5% for the same month with some areas falling by as much as 10.1%. The total number of tourists visiting Tenerife last month was 389,989 which is 16,649 less than the same month last year.

According to the Department of Tenerife Tourism, the biggest decline was experienced by the hotel industry, a fall of 9% with 216,609 tourists being hosted in hotels. This indicates that the number of independant tourists (173,380) hosted in self catering accomodation actually increased by 1%.

The number of British vistors declined by 12.44 %, German visitors by 5.68%. The numbers of Nordic tourists actually increased by 0.14%.

The Vice President of the Hotel Association said it was very difficult to predict numbers of tourists with many people not taking holidays due to the economic crisis and tour operators have been reporting a fall in consumer spending due to rising unemployment. He also said some new tourist competitors are much more flexible in their prices so there is a lot of competition in the holiday market. With regard to tourism forecasts, he said that last minute bookings make that very difficult to predict.

It seems that Tenerife is enduring the world recession better than some other areas in Spain, this is possibly because Tenerife is a popular winter holiday destination. Maybe the the favorable all year round Tenerife Climate drew tourists wishing to escape the harsh winter in northern Europe. The apparent shift in the market towards budget holidays will probably continue until the economics improve.

Read an update on Tenerife tourism statistics for April 2009


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