Tenerife a disabled tourists paradise

It all started in Tenerife back in 1957 when a small group of Swedish tourists with disability issues arrived on the island of Tenerife. The lessons learned have resulted in the Arona Government developing Los Cristianos as a wheelchair friendly resort.

Disability access is now second to none with a barrier free seven kilometre promenade, which is the longest in Europe. There are even ramped boardwalks onto the beach and it is not unusual to see wheelchairs on the beach. Most modern Tenerife Properties on complexes, hotel and shops are equipped with wheelchair ramps and lifts.

Nearly all the modern apartment buildings and hotels have ramps and lifts so wheelchair navigation has been made so easy for disabled tourists. The bars and restaurants welcome the disabled without fuss because it is so common within the resort.

The island is fully geared for disabled tourism with many options for hiring electric wheelchairs and mobility equipment. There are also many minibuses with electric lifts so airport runs and excursions for the disabled are common place. If you visit Los Cristianos as a disabled tourist you will just blend in with so many others.

The early foresight of the local Arona Government has triumphed once again over adversity and Tenerife tourism has once again benefited from sound planning. Tenerife is now probably the best disabled tourists paradise.


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