Tenerife Nature

Tenerife nature is in extraordinary abundance all around the Island and the intensive efforts of its Institutions and citizens to conserve it are inspirational. Half of the Island now enjoys protected status and there are almost fifty catalogued species of ecological interest including the unique Mount Teide National Park. There are over six hundred species of Tenerife flora and fauna which are unique to the Island of Tenerife.

Laurel forests survives on the Teno and Anaga Massifs in the district of Agua-garcia (Tacoronte) and on the slopes of Tigaiga (Los Realejos). The Laurel also known as Laurisilva is a woodland species thought to be a relic of that which covered North Africa and southern Europe twenty million years ago. The difficult terrain where it is found is probably why the species has survived. It has all but dissapeared from the rest of the world but it still also survives on La Gomera and La Palma. Be prepared if you decide to negotiate the rugged footpaths to access these outstandingly beautiful areas.

The  surrounding ocean is also a nature lovers paradise, also abundant with marine flora and fauna. Many tourists partake of trips form Los Cristianos, Puerto Colon and Los Gigantes to see the whales and dolphins which are prevailent around the south coast of Tenerife. There is a colony of nearly 300 pilot whales and a number of different species of dolphin also exist in the warm Atlantic waters. The daily boat trips are a highly popular excursion and they are a large boost for Tenerife Tourism.


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