Tenerife North – Climate and Tourism

Temperatures in Tenerife North are a few degrees lower on average than the south of the Island, they are very moderate throughout the year and there is no great variation between seasons. The tradewinds gently feed the mountains with clouds as the warm moist air rises and this brings frequent rain on the mountains and the coastal plains. The northern Tenerife climate is gentle and helps sustain the ecology of the area.

Predominantly green, the landscapes are lush spattered with banana plantations and vineries, the agricultural traditions of the Island are evident in abundance. The beautiful Oratova valley with it’s municipal districts of La Oratova, Los Realejos and Puerto de La Cruz were the birthplace of early Tenerife Tourism which flourished through the northern ports in the late 19th Century. The town of Puerto de La Cruz was a particularly popular early tourist destination.

Most of the beaches in the north are carpeted with fine black volcanic sand apart form the new beach at Terestas which was created using fine golden sand from the Sahara desert. In some locations without natural beaches, natural swimming pools have been created, integrated into the landscape such as those at Lago Martianez in Puerto de La Cruz, which was the work of the late Canarian Artist, Cesar Manrique.

The Teno Rural Park is situated on the Teno Massif is the least commercial area of the Island, the difficult access to this area has kept the area unspoiled. The wonderful landscapes are as sanctuary for many plant and animal species such as the Osprey. It is possible to stay in the park at the Bolico Refuge or in one of a range of rural houses.

Now, a modern high speed motorway connects the northern Capital of Santa Cruz with the south of the Island. The south of the Island was relatively unpopulated in the early days until the mid 20th Century when Tenerife tourism started shifting towards the south. A Tenerife North South train link is also being planned.


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