Tenerife South – Climate and Tourism

Tenerife South is a huge contrast compared to the north of the Island. The south has been developed principally for Tenerife tourism and offers visitors many attractions together with more hours of warm sunshine than any other tourist area. Apart from the endless beaches, the south offers superb hotels, exciting resorts, restaurants, bars and first class entertainment. Tourists can enjoys a quiet day on the beach, adventure sports, themes parks or a relaxing day on one of the many Tenerife golf courses.

The climate in the south is a few degrees warmer than the north and rain is very unusual, especially during the past few years. The Tenerife climate is temperate and arrid at all times of year with pleasant sea breezes which push the clouds back up into the mountains most of the time. That is why Tenerife South enjoys so many hours of sunshine. The seasonal climate variations in the south are minimal with daytime temperatures of 17-18 degrees C in winter and 24-28 degrees in summer. Summertime temperatures do rise at times to the thirty mark but that is unusual for more than a few days at a time and it occurs when the wind orginates from the Sahara desert of Africa, this phenomenon is known locally as “The Clima”

All of the resorts are very close together and transfer times to and from the south airport (Reina Sofia) are very short compared to most other tourist destinations. Transport links in the south are second to none, the bus services are frequent, very easy to use and very cheap to use. Car hire is very cheap and there are taxis almost everywhere you go.

One of the most reassuring things for visitors is that Tenerife is regarded as a safe Tourist destination. The native tongue may be Spanish but in some of the southern resorts such as Los Cristianos, English is widely spoken, especially amongst the huge UK expat population, many of whom run tourist orientated businesses. German and other European languages are also widely spoken in the resorts.

Nowadays, visiting Tenerife is a truly cosmopolitan experience, the Island recieves five million visitors every year, and many of those loyally return every year, the Island is hugely popular for more reasons than most other tourist destinations, the reason being that it has everything to offer.


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