Tenerife’s spectacular Mounte Teide is a Geographical paradise

Mount Teide is the Geographical centre of the Island which now forms Mount Teide National Park. The area is a massive ancient volcanic crater known as Las Canadas del Teide which collapsed forming the 16 kilometre plateau from which Mount Teide rises majestically towards space. The National Park is the most popular in Spain and it is situated at  an altiltude of 1850 metres above sea level. This awesome area of outstanding natural beauty was declared a World Heritage Site, the gem of Tenerife Geography.

The area is partly surrounded by a ridge of strange looking volcanic mountains with rugged peaks and the area reveals an array of spectacular natural colours, which change according to the time of day and the location of the sun. The area is home to the famous Teide violet which is unique to Tenerife.

Mount Teide rises from the plateau to an altitude of 3718 metres, it is the highest mountain in the Spanish realm.  the mountain can be seen from most parts of the Island but the best view is from the Natural Park, a magnificent sight to behold and a feeling of being perhaps on another planet. If the weather permits it is possible to visit the summit using the cable car or if you are hardy there is a footpath. The upper level can only be reached on foot and you have to obtain a permit from Santa Cruz.

The National Park is accesible by public transport and has good access. There is an hotel and restaurant but otherwise the National Park is unforgiving in terms human comforts. You will need stout footware, warm clothing and sun protection at all times of year.  Mount Teide is the most amazing sight but the National Park is also a great asset to boost Tenerife Tourism.

See a video of the Beauty of Mount Teide


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