San Cristobal de La Laguna – Heritage and Tenerife Tourism

San Cristobal de La Laguna was the original capital city of Tenerife when it was first colonised by the Spanish during the 15th Century. Steeped in cultural heritage, it is a well preserved historical gem and a great asset for Tenerife tourism. Today it is still the third most important city on the island in terms of rank and inhabitants.

The first ecclesiastical and civil institutions dominate the Architecture of the centre of La Laguna which was home to the first University of the Canary Islands, opening it doors in 1817. It was originally modelled as an institutional city without walls or defensive systems which was unusual at that time. As a measure of it’s importance and preserve, it was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco during 1999.  Many new Spanish townships in the Americas were modelled on the La Laguna plan.

The Plaza de El Adelantado is the focal point from where one can walk through a time warp to savour the Renaissance Architecture of the Town Hall, the Nava and Grimon Palace, the Mayors House, the Field Marshalls House, the High School, the Bishops Palace, the Church of the Conception and the Santa Clara Convent. The entire city is a delight with many of the ornate building facades fashioned from volcanic stone with pine balconies, trellis work and framery.
The Museum of History and Anthropology and the Museum of Science and Cosmos can also be visited in La Laguna. More information about Tenerife Museums.

There are some very elegant and upmarket shops tucked away in the streets of La Laguna, a place where you can a savour a little Tenerife culture whilst shopping at the same time. La Laguna is one of the reasons why Tenerife is increasing it’s reputation as a top tourist destination.

The nearby capital of Santa Cruz has excellent transport with the entire Island from where you can take a tram to La Laguna.


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