Santa Cruz de Tenerife Tourism – Culture, Bargain Shopping and Las Teresitas Beach

The capital city of Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife has many parallels with other major cities in Europe and is worthy of consideration if you are taking a city break or a relaxing and varied holiday. The historic city of San Cristobal de La Laguna is now a connurbation of Santa cruz, it was the original settlement centre when the Island was colonised by the Spanish. The historical district of La Laguna has been recognised by Unesco as a World Heritage site.

Often visited by tourists staying in the south of the Island Santa Cruz is also popular with tourists who choose to stay in the many excellent hotels in the City. Many tourists also visit the City from the many cruise ships which choose the bustling centre of Santa Cruz as a port of call. The passengers take advantage of their stay by taking in the local sights and doing a bit of shopping whilst they are ashore.

Tenerife tourism thrives in the centre of Santa Cruz, the many outdoor cafe terraces are busy with visitors taking a break from strolling around the old squares and the fascinating streets which have an abundance of shops. Quality goods are offered at very good prices because of low taxation in Tenerife. Not everyone realises that taxes here are significantly lower than most places making it one of the cheapest Cities for bargain shopping in the world. When you need a break from Tenerife bargain shopping, the many restaurants serve a broad range of appetising food at very reasonable prices.

For the culturally minded there are many places of interest like the Museum of Nature and Mankind, the Tenerife Auditorio and the Museum of Fine Art. (More about Tenerife Museums) The Boulevards and Squares of the city are a permanent exhibition of Sculptures by well known artists such as Miro and Henry Moore. The Garcia Sanabria Park is also worth a visit.

If you tire of all the culture this city has to offer you can always visit Las Teresitas beach, seven km north of the city. It is a beautiful tropical designer beach with palm trees, a mountain backdrop and soft light sand imported from the Sahara Desert. Facilities are very good and it is very safe for bathing because it has a break water. Many say Las Teresitas beach is the best on the Island, it is a stunning location and it is much prized by the city dwellers of Santa Cruz.

The Tenerife North Airport of Los Rodeos is on the outskirts of Santa Cruz and their are good transport connections with the entire island. The newly opened tram line connects Santa Cruz and San Cristobal de La Laguna. The delights of these two cities are a double bonus for Tenerife Tourism and they could easily become the top tourist destination of the future with so much on offer.

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