Las Americas and Los Cristianos

These once separate resorts now blend together harmoniously as the holiday facilities have expanded to form a sizeable but varied tourist hotspot.

Las Americas, once renowned as a party resort for young people has blossomed into a well planned holiday mecca for all age groups. Nowadays the young hedonists still frequent the same area (Las Veronicas) but that is now a fractional part of of what has evolved to be the modern resort of Las Americas. Today Las Americas is a busy trendy fun place with hotels, designers shops, restaurants and bars to suit all categories of tourist.

Los Cristianos, was once an undeveloped harbour where the locals earned their crust from fishing and cultivating bananas. With the prospect of developing tourism this quiet coastal village was transformed into a typically Spanish seaside town with an abundance of quaint shops, bars and restarants to cater for all tastes. The town has a lay back feel and it is very popular with tourists who are seeking a relaxing holiday.

The structured development these two contrasting and appealing holiday centres has earned the area a reputation as a top tourist destination. Tenerife offers a wealth of facilites and attractions such as the newly opened and highly acclaimed Siam Water Park, which is only a short distance away. There are countless activities for tourists in Tenerife to suit all age groups. More about Tenerife Tourism and activities available for visitors.


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