Tenerife Museums to be improved for the disabled

Three of the main Tenerife Museums will soon have improved accessibility for persons with physical, visual or hearing disabilities. The Museum of Nature and Man, the Anthropology Museum and Cosmos Museum have been selected for adaption by the Tenerife Council.

For the physically disabled, improved access will be provided, for the visually impaired, there will be tactile recognition, audio description and information in Braille. Signage, information panels and lighting will also be modified. For those with impaired hearing, induction loop systems will be installed and Museum guides proficient in sign language will be provided. Video displays with subtitles will also be employed.

The initiative has three principle objectives. The first aim is to ensure that all citizens have access to the island’s scientific, historical and cultural services. The second aim is to promote the adaptation of other public services to respond to the needs of all persons, with a particular emphasis on accessibility to communications and new technologies. Thirdly, to establish good practice guidelines for all activities related to access to information.

Another objective is to adapt the layout of the displays to improve the free flow through the Museums and improve the signage and information panels.

Read more about facilities for disabled tourists in Tenerife. If you want to more about what these three museums are about follow our link to Tenerife Museums


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