Tenerife Tourism Action Plan for a top tourist destination

The company run by the Council of Tenerife responsible for promoting tourism on the island, Turismo de Tenerife, presented its Action Plan for 2009 at its last Board Meeting. The Plan includes a whole range of activities aimed at ensuring that the island maintains its position as a leading tourist destination.

Attention should be drawn to the unprecedented nature of this Tenerife Tourism Plan, which is the result of a consensus between the public and private sectors. The Plan marks a very clear path for growth, much of which was achieved thanks to a great deal of hard work during this year of financial turmoil.

The Action Plan for 2009 provides an update on tourism-generating market trends, financial conditions and industry forecasts. In addition to a change in methodology, with the inclusion of management efficiency indicators, the Plan places importance on the renewal of the island as a tourist destination, innovation, the development of new tourism products and services, as well as the streamlining of efforts in both tourism-generating and destination regions.

One of the most notable aspects of this plan is integration, with respect to action plans, products, markets and regions. Turismo de Tenerife has also established a number of initiatives to be carried out in the foreign markets where the island will be promoted to maintain it’s position as a top tourist destination.

Promotional activities will be carried out primarily in Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany, given that these countries have been defined as the three principal markets for 2009. Turismo de Tenerife devotes €5.5 million, or 58% of its budget, to these three markets, which this year will be increased to €9.5 million.

Similarly, Turismo de Tenerife will make a special effort to promote the island in other emerging tourist-generating markets, such as Russia, Poland, France and Italy, amongst others. Substantial funds have also been allocated to promote Tenerife tourism in Scandinavia, as well as other Eastern and Central European countries.


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  1. The Tenerife Government does have an action plan

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