Who moves to the Canary Islands

New statistics show just how popular the Canary Islands are as a place to live. Based on the official census of 1st January 2008, the number of foreigners living in the Canary Islands makes up more than 13 per cent of the population. Statistically this means that of the 2,075,968 inhabitants of the Canary Islands, 276,827 are immigrants which equates to 13.3%. This figure has increased by 20% over the past two years.  In 1986 there were only 51,000 immigrants in the Canary Islands.

By nationality, 46.1% came from the American sub-continent, 37.8 per cent from Europe, 10.8% from African countries and 5.1% from Asia. The number of foreigners who live in the Canary Islands make up 6.12% of the total of immigrants who live in Spain.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not older people who head for Tenerife. Most were under 29 when they arrived (52.5%), 27% were between 30 and 44, 12.7% were aged 45 to 59 and only 6.3% were more than 60 years of age. Most of them said they came in search of quality of life (40%) whilst others said it was for family reasons or for a better job.


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