Tenerife Tourism Information for the disabled

An organization known as Sinpromi SL  have produced a tourist accessibility guide for Tenerife. Sinpromi are an agency for the promotion of the disabled sponsored by the Tenerife Cabildo and an EU funded initiative.

Sinpromi have produced a database with up to date information about mobility on the Island. The database includes both public and private establishments and give ratings for access conditions and useful information for disabled tourists and people with physical or sensorial incapacity.

The database includes everything from hotels to public buildings, culture and leisure centres to sports facilities, from squares and gardens to beaches and even countryside trails. Read more general information in this blog about Tenerife, a disabled tourists paradise.

Sinpromi SL, Tel: (+34)922 249 199

If you follow this link to Tenerife tourism information for the disabled and click on the map of  Tenerife there is an easy to use dropdown search facility to find out about all the facilities.


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One Response to Tenerife Tourism Information for the disabled

  1. Tenerife is very switched on to the needs of disabled tourists

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