Tenerife is host port for Tall Ships Race

Tall Ships Race 2009
Tall Ships Race 2009

The race will be judged with a secret ballot of the entire fleet and a trophy awarded to the vessel that has done the most to promote international understanding and friendship, which is the theme of  the race.

Anyone can take part in the Challenge and most vessels will be crewed by experienced sailors as well as novices. Trainees taking part will learn the value of teamwork and leadership, with physical and empotional challenges to promote self confidence and personal responsibility. They will also learn to accept others from a wide range of social and cultural backgrounds.

There will be upwards of 20 participating vessels so the race promises to be a great adventure f0r the participating sailors and  a spectacular sight in all ports of call. Thousands of excited visitors are expected to converge on the host ports to savour the rare and colourful sight of these majestic sailing vessels clustered in the harbour.

The sailing vessels will depart from Vigo in northern Spain and the second stop is Santa Cruz in Tenerife between 14th and 17th May 2009. The vibrant port of Santa Cruz is only 10 minutes from the centre of capital city which will also be celebrating the May festival which includes many cultural events including popular dancing and concerts. The presence of the tall ships is sure to draw huge crowds and provide lots of entertainment for the visiting crews.

The tall ships will then sail accross the Atlantic to visit Bermuda, Charleston, Boston, Halifax before crossing back to arrive in Belfast on 13th August.

The Tall Ships Race, which has been seven years in the making is being organised by Sail Training International and the American Sail Training Association. For more information visit the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009 website.

Read more about the tallships racing on the first leg to Tenerife.


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  2. We have just learned that different tall ships will be joining the different legs of the race and there will be 14 on the leg to Tenerife and 18 on the leg to Bermuda but there should still be an impressive display of tall ships in the harbour at Santa Cruz

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