Lidl to boost Canarian Economy

The German discount supermarket chain, Lidl has announced a major expansion plan to commence operations in the Canary Islands. The move has been contested by local traders fearful that the Lidl pricing policy will have a detrimental affect on local businesses. Next year there is a new EU directive which will be favourable for the company’s pricing policy.

Lidl will be opening twelve stores across the Canary Islands, six of them will be in Tenerife in Santa Ursula, Puerto de la Cruz, La Laguna, Granadilla, Las Chafiras and Adeje, there will also be a large distribution depot at Guimar in south Tenerife. There will be four other stores in Gran Canaria and one in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Lidl will be boosting the local economy by creating 500 permanent jobs as well as many temporary construction jobs. Local contractors have been appointed and the company will adopt a policy of hiring Canarian residents. The company also says it will sourcing many of it’s products locally, which is a further boost to the Canarian economy.


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One Response to Lidl to boost Canarian Economy

  1. Julie-Tenerife says:

    It is about time we had more choice. This is great news.

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