Campaign for promoting Tenerife Tourism

Last week the big guns of Tenerife tourism met to discuss what they were doing to promote the island and combat the downturn due to the world economic crisis. The image of Tenerife as a successful tourism destination is powerful and tourist chiefs say that they have every confidence in the product, not least because of it’s stunning scenery and wonderful climate.

They all agree that there is nothing wrong with Tenerife from a tourist’s perspective but the global downturn and pressure on people’s pockets is making them look at how and where they can spend their money and go on holiday.

The directive is to support and continue the campaign to improve the Island’s tourist facilities. Tenerife will be using 50% of its’ tourism budget to promote the main markets of the Spanish peninsula, the UK and Germany but it will also focus on the emerging tourist markets of Russia, Poland, France and Italy.

The tourism campaign will include specific targeting through tour operators, travel agents and media including radio, TV, brochures and the internet.

Tourism councilor and vice-president of the Tenerife Government, Jose Manuel Bermudez has said efforts were being stepped up because of falling occupation numbers and an uncertain summer, not just for Tenerife and the rest of the Canary Islands but all of Spain and holiday destinations around the world. He stressed that he strongly believes that it was not a tourism crisis but down to the general recession in the international economy.

He said he had every confidence in Tenerife and pointed out that the island’s tourist market had to grow. Their tourism strategy has named 12 main objectives which include continuing efforts to improve tourism areas with refurbishments and modernisation projects.

Diversification into new products, in harmony with the traditional, is also a top priority. These will include spotlighting on everything from the culinary delights of the island to sporting activities, Tenerife culture, nature, walking, etc.

All efforts will be made to win the loyalty of holiday-makers who come to Tenerife on a regular basis to make sure they keep on returning and staff will receive special training. It is also planned to catch young people early who want to make their careers in tourism so staff become more professional.

Information, satisfaction, maximum co-operation and co-ordination, professional, promotion, diversification, consolidation and qualifications are all key objectives. It is also planned to capitalise on the growing use of the internet to promote Tenerife to the worldwide market.

Sr. Bermudez said the tourism industry would continue to be very competitive but it would generate new opportunities for Tenerife. Everyone had to work together, private and public, with no political motivation.

Read more about the Tenerife long term tourism action plan. Tenerife is also driving hard to attract corporate tourism. Another market which is currently being promoted is disabled tourism. Another example of how Tenerife is to be given a marketing boost is via film media.


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