Tenerife TF1 Motorway Extension

There is now strong evidence of the Tenerife TF1 motorway extension in various locations from the roundabout at the end of the current TF1 motorway in Adeje down to Playa San Juan. The first section of the motorway from the roundabout is already asphalted and you can seen it veering off the route of the current TF82 south of Los Menores. From there it appears to run west of Tijoco and Tejina and the construction can be seen passing over the top of the Abama Golf Course, Piedra Hincada and Playa San Juan where it heads south down towards Fonsalia. It will continue North Westerly towards Los Gigantes.

If you research the internet you will not find any published material showing the route of the new motorway, if you want to see it apparently you have to go to the Government offices in Santa Cruz. Why is there no electronic copy?  Theories are circulating that the route has been kept out of the public domain as much as possible to prevent people profiting by buying land and property on the route to gain from compulsory purchase. It you talk to the locals though, some will tell you that compensation payments are not very generous, which is what you might expect. No sensible government would be without an agenda to keep land purchase costs as low as possible. The bulk of land consumed by the new motorway is barren and not very useable for accessibility reasons.

The Tenerife Government have let the contract to a number of different contractors and work progress is evident in many different locations. Apparently the different motorway sections will all be joined up as the works become completed. The project would not be easy to undertake due to the topography of the land along the new route. Large cuttings can already be seen but the works also involve flyovers across some huge gorges and tunnels through many barranca ridges. The civil engineering design will have been very complicated and the contruction a daunting task because some parts of the route were not previously accessible to vehicles, temporary access roads have therefore been formed as enabling works.

The motorway will open up the west coast of the island and reduce travel times considerably, the current roads, expecially the coastal route through these areas where there is no direct route. The roads have many bends and journey times are slow because of single lanes and very few overtaking possibilities. The new motorway will follow the shortest route and will have overtaking lanes on the upward sections.

When complete, the new motorway will no doubt be very busy and apparently it is being designed so that it can be increased in width to accomodate more traffic. The proposed new port at Fonsalia between Playa San Juan and Alcala will be very busy because it will apparently handle all the ferry movements which are currently using Los Cristianos port. Such a busy new port could not have been contemplated without the new motorway currently under construction.

After the new port at Fonsalia is up and running, it is possible that Los Cristianos port could be used for cruise ship stopovers. This is purely conjecture and if any one wants to share their knowledge please leave a comment on the blog post. Comments about the new motorway would be very helpful due to the apparent lack of published information.

As always on an historical note, we predict that Tenerife Property prices will rise in areas with improved transport links.

Read an update on works to the Fonsalia slip road which will run down from the Tf1 extension down to the proposed new port at Fonsalia.

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  3. maddie says:

    If you speak Spanish and go onto the ayuntamientos websites of the villages you are interested in, for example, El Tanque you can read about the route in the north. It is by passing Icod and the roads have already started in El Tanque. When I read what was said and translated it I was able to visit El Tanque where I wanted to buy a house and see how near it was to the motorway. Maddie

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