Father and Son Atlantic rowing quest from the Canary Islands

A father and son team are preparing to row 300 miles across the Atlantic from the Canary Island of La Gomera to the Caribbean Island of Antigua. They are also hoping to raise £30-40k for the Water Aid charity in the process.

They are busy practicing and getting their 24 foot long by 6 feet wide self righting rowing boat kitted out for the trip. They will be arriving in Tenerife in December and they are hoping to set off on their challenge which they anticipate will take 60-65 days.

Norman and James Beech are also hoping to set some new records. The previous father and son crossing took 78 days and James, at 18 years old will be the youngest person ever to row the Atlantic.

As the pair build up to the event, dad Norman, manager of a University of Birmingham outdoor education centre beside Coniston Water, said: “We are very committed to doing this together as a father and son team.”

The epic voyage in the boat, which has been aptly named Beech Boys Atlantic, will change the lives of 2000 people with the funds raised for Water Aid.

We are all hoping they succeed with their daring challenge.

Read more about the equipment required for this quest and how you can help fund the trip.

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