Support from the Tenerife Forum

The Tenerife Forum have just announced that they have over 13000 members which an amazing number of people with an interest in Tenerife.

The forum is probably now the most useful real time information resource about Tenerife. Whether you are looking for the best deal, or services on offer, you want to buy a bike, sell your camera or just want to know about everything which is going on, the Tenerife Forum is the place to drop in.

The Tenerife Forum has provided support for many people in their quest to find out all about Tenerife and we recommend joining if you have any connection to the Island. Whether it be for holidays, coming to live here or joining a local social group, you will be made most welcome.

You will find the forum can be very absorbing, it is a great source for breaking news about Tenerife. Very little escapes the notice of Tenerife Forum members on this Island.

The Tenerife Forum will also surprise you, especially the Tenerife Community spirit which is also very warm throughout.

Join the Tenerife Forum


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One Response to Support from the Tenerife Forum

  1. Zarion says:

    Since your blog post on 8th May 2009, we now have an incredible 15,000 members and our online community is continuing to grow at an exponential rate. I am the owner and administrator of Tenerife Forum and would like to say a quick thank you for your support!

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