The Tall Ships have arrived in Tenerife

Thr Jolie Brise

Thr Jolie Brise

All vessels are now reported to have finished the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge leg to Tenerife. Finishing during Saturday evening, the Dutch vessel Tecla is in first place overall on corrected time with Kruzenshtern (Russia) in second and Jolie Brise (UK) in third.

Spirit of Bermuda crossed the line in the early hours of Saturday morning at 02:57 GMT, with Urania crossing a few hours later at 06:11 GMT. Jolie Brise crossed just before the 14:00 GMT reporting time at 13:58 GMT Saturday.

The remaining vessels Kruzenshtern (Russia), Etoile (France), Belle Poule (France), Tecla (Netherlands) and Xsaar (Belgium), all crossed the line later Saturday evening with Belle Poule the last.

The Dutch vessel Tecla remains in first place overall on corrected time with Kruzenshtern (Russia) in second, Jolie Brise (UK) is currently third.

In the group that contains the Class C and D vessels, Rona II has held onto first place with Urania in second and now Xsaar moving up into third place, pushing Peter von Danzig into fourth. This may seem confusing but it is the ‘Time Correction Factors’ of the vessels that dictates their placings on corrected time, which means Peter von Danzig may have been first across the line but she would have needed to sail faster still in order to increase her placing on corrected time.

Results are provisional and will not be confirmed until all declaration forms have been received later next week.

The majority of the vessels are taking the opportunity offered by their early finishing to tour around the Canary Islands before heading into Tenerife for 14 May and the start of the four day festival.

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The tall ships have arrived in Tenerife, do not miss this rare occasion to see so many beautiful vessels.


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