Talls Ships Festival in Tenerife

This weekend the festivities of the Tall Ships in Santa Cruz will be very evident, the crews have already been parading through the streets in a colourful display as they walked to the race village for the prize giving ceremony.

There was an atmosphere of camaraderie as the crews prepared to accept their awards. The crews each took their turn to provide some entertainment, Rona II presented a themed song about the race and the Kruzenshtern Cadets put on an acrobatic display to the delight of the crowds.

The fun atmosphere is likely to continue all weekend as the crews let of steam before the next leg. Many visitors to Santa Cruz are expected this weekend because it also coincides with the Festival of the Infanta. This will be a very busy weekend for Tenerife Tourism in Santa Cruz.

The results of the main prize giving were as follows:

Class A & B: 1st Tecla (NL) 2nd Kruzenshtern (Russia) 3rd Jolie Brise (UK)

Class D: 1st Rona II (UK) 2nd Urania (NL) 3rd Xsaar (B)

First vessel to cross the line: Peter von Danzig (G)

Corrected first position: Tecla (NL)

The Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge is organised by Sail Training International with the American Sail Training Association.


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