Latest Tenerife Tourism Statistics – April 2009

Aena the company that manages Spanish Airports published some stark Tenerife tourism statistics yesterday.

Compared with last year, the number of passengers using Tenerife south airport (Reina Sofia) fell by a staggering 17.9% during April 2009. Passenger numbers using Tenerife North Airport (Los Rodeos) increased by 5.6%.

The fall in passengers to other Canary Islands was not quite so dramatic; Gran Canaria – 2%, Fuerteventura -11.1%, Lanzarote – 8.2% and La Gomera – 11.1%. Passenger numbers to La Palma and El Hierro actually increased by 5.6% and 7% respectively.

The Canary Island Airports handled 27,192 flights during April 2009 with 2.6 million passengers.

On a national scale passenger numbers fell by 5.1% and the number of airport operations fell by 12.2%. A spokesperson for Aena said that these poor statistics are attributable to the “world economic crisis”.

Please bear in mind these figures are passenger numbers so they include visitors for reasons other than tourism. They do however show that passenger numbers, including tourists during this April have significantly reduced compared to last April.


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