Magma Arts and Congress Centre Las Americas Tenerife

Magma Arts and Congress Centre

Magma Arts and Congress Centre

The Magma Arts and Congress Centre is a very unusual multifunctional building in Las Americas, the heart of Tenerife south. The internal space has moveable panels so that it can be adapted for user requirements. The hi-tech interior services such as lighting, sound and communication systems can also be adapted to suit almost any permutation of use. A great facility for promoting Tenerife Tourism.

The main hall has an area of 2840 square metres plus a stage area of 300 square metres. Within the entrance of the building is a 1,219 square metres of reception hall. On the first floor there is another large adaptable space with an area of 1,865 square metres. There are also VIP and press areas, a restaurant, cafeteria and exhibition space. The facility also has two large car parks to accommodate visitor vehicles.

Completed in 2005, the Magma Arts and Congress Centre was designed by the Architect, Fernando Menis, Felipe Rufino and Jose Patrana. Of the completed building, Fernando Menis said, “The semi-desert landscape around it and the presence of the sea are the starting points of the concept. Though not situated directly on the water, it does have a strong relation with the ocean, an imposing presence that frames the building with a constant view of La Gomera Island.”

The structure of this building appears at first to volcanic stone but it is formed from a mixture of cast concrete, concrete blocks and tiles. The form of this building is very irregular and although modernistic the overall appearance is primitive, a contrast in terms but that’s how it appears at first sight. The building certainly does not look out of place in its environment.

The building was of significant importance to be inaugurated by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia of Spain.

The building is highly suitable as a corporate tourism facility with many hotels nearby.

Take a virtual tour of the Magma Arts and Congress Centre.


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