The Loro Parque – A Zoological Paradise in Tenerife

The Loro Parque Tenerife

The Loro Parque Tenerife

The Loro Parque is one of those Tenerife attractions which should not be missed. The scale of this leisure park has to be seen to be appreciated. Make sure you get there early otherwise you will not be able to see everything the park has to offer in a day. To see more about the individual Loro Parque attractions click on the links below.

Initially famous for the largest collection of Parrots in the world, the park now has just about everything you could imagine, all in a natural tropical setting. There is an enormous collection of exotic birds in addition to the parrot collection, including pink flamingos. Don’t miss out on the Loro Show.

Land based species include tigers, jaguars, gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys and other primates. There is even a giant turtle from the Galapagos Islands.

Marine life is also in abundance, there is a huge aquarium with more than 3000 different species of fish. You can even see the fish from underwater by walking through a large glass tunnel.

A recent addition was the Planet Penguin, a natural Antarctic enclosure with 200 assorted penguins, nice place to chill out on a hot summer’s day at the Loro Parque. The penguins provide a spectacular display.

In addition to the walk through attractions there are seated enclosures where you can see the Dolphin and Sea Lion show, the killer Whale show and the Parrot circus. There is even a natural vision cinema where you can watch various films with amazing digital soundtracks. The kids can also visit Kinderlandia, an African Themed adventure playground to let off some steam.

When you first enter the Loro Parque you will be spellbound by the surroundings including a Japanese style natural lake which is heavily stocked with large Koi carp, watching them is an experience on its own.

The latest addition to the Loro Parque is the Katandra Treetops, an adventure walk with an Australian theme where you will see exotic birds and native wildlife.

The Loro Parque is a formidable “never forget” day out for people of all ages. The supporting facilities in this leisure park are also excellent with a wide variety of food and refreshment on offer.

See the Loro Parque promotional video for a taste of what to expect.

See full details and options, including prices for Tenerife excursions to the Loro Parque.


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