Castillo San Miguel – An Authentic Medieval Castle in Tenerife

Castillo San Miguel - A Tenerife Medieval Castle

Castillo San Miguel

If you take a drive up to San Miguel in Tenerife you will be very surprised when you first see the Castillo San Miguel. Although authentic looking it was constructed as a medieval themed attraction where you can watch a jousting tournament whilst you savour a banquet with wine.

The San Miguel Castle is an impressive construction of 6,000 square metres and made of Canarian canto stone, with principal towers of more than 16 metres in height and an extensive area of 20,000 square metres .

From the moment you enter the grounds, you find yourself in an authentic medieval world. The entrance is decorated with historical armour, swords, chests and scrolls of the medieval epoch. The Count, Don Rodrigo, and his daughter, the young Countess, will greet you and welcome you to their Castle.

The kind subjects of Count Rodrigo will guide you to the Tournament Hall, where the complex show of medieval fights and games will take place in the presence of the Counts in their Royal box seats.

The Castillo San Miguel open at 8.00pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Friday through the summer months.

Explore the medieval Castle and enter the magical world of the Knights of the Round Table.

Enjoy the free-flowing wine and Medieval banquet as the Knights begin their jousting tournament. Cheer as your Knight battles to the death in your honour.

The evening is usually concluded with a performance by the Brazilian Acrobatics, “Capoeira”, which is fighting style dance originated by captive slaves in Brazil hundreds of years ago.

It is definately best to book this event to avoid disappointment.


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