Tenerife Jet Ski Safari

Tenerife Jet Ski Safari

Tenerife Jet Ski Safari

If you like water sports, why not partake of a Tenerife Jet Ski Safari on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

You can drive your own machine and take a pillion passenger with you, you will be supervised at all times and no licence is necessary.

The coastline around Tenerife has some breathtaking scenery which you may not otherwise see. This sport is great fun for everyone so why not have a go, it will not take long for you to master the machine and ride the waves at high speed.

You can either opt for the one and a half hour Discovery Excursion for €120, or €150 for a double jet ski bike; or if you want to enjoy things for a longer period you can opt for the Intense Excursion which is for thee and a half hours at a cost of €180, or €230 for a double jet ski bike.


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One Response to Tenerife Jet Ski Safari

  1. Jetski says:

    I did the Discovery Excursion in 2009 with my partner and can highly recommend it. Its a great way to spend a couple of hours out on the water.

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