Tenerife Submarine Safaris

Tenerife Submarine Safari

Tenerife Submarine Safari

Why not consider taking a Tenerife submarine safari to appreciate the marine life which exists in the crystal clear Atlantic waters which surround the island.

The submarine is designed for safety and comfort so that passengers can enjoy the full benefit of a dive. Even the cabin is maintained at atmospheric pressure and due to the safety equipment on board children less than two years old can also be accommodated.

There will be a tour guide to tell you all about the submarine and give you a full explanation about the dive. Every passenger has seat next to a large viewing port and there is even a TV monitor which displays information about the submarine and varied camera views around the vessel. This is a new and very high tech submarine with a very experienced crew.

Currently the yellow submarine is making 4 dives a day, seven day a week. Don’t foret to take your camera with you.


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2 Responses to Tenerife Submarine Safaris

  1. Pregunta says:

    ¿Alguien tiene información del accidente de febrero del 2010 del submarino turístico de tenerife?

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