Mount Teide Cable Car

Mount Teide Cable carThis cable car ride is a must if you are visiting the Teide National Park in Tenerife. Mount Teide is a World Heritage Site, the mountain being the highest peak in Spain at 3718 meters above sea level.

The cable car enables you to access the summit of this mountain and see the spectacular views. On a clear day you can see all the Canary Islands but that is very rare. Admire the spectacular scenery as the cable car climbs majestically and then see the panoramic views from the top. The contrasting topography of the Island and the rugged scenery can truly be appreciated from this viewpoint.

The cable car ride only takes eight minutes, it is very smooth and most, even with a fear of heights, are able to enjoy the experience. The cable car has a big cabin which can take up to 38 persons travelling at a maximum speed of 8 metres per second and it climbs a height of 1,199 metres over a distance of 2,482 metres.

When you get to the top you can stay as long as you like and you can walk around to various viewpoints. The actual summit of Mount Teide is still almost 200 metres above you but you need to obtain a permit to hike up there.  You have to obtain it from Santa Cruz in advance of you visit.

It is advisable to wear stout shoes and take warm clothing with you. It can be rather chilly during the summer and in winter the temperature is often sub zero.

The cable car will not be operating during windy conditions and it adviseable to do this on a clear day. Check before you book, if you can see Mount Teide from your resort you will probably have clear views from the top.


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