La Gomera Day Trip

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A visit to the Island of La Gomera is a very worthwhile trip, especially if you want to visit another Island which is completely different to Tenerife.

Catch the high speed ferry to La Gomera, Christopher Columbus set sail from this island to discover the Americas.

Aboard the coach again to travel up through the valley of Hermigua towards the Garonajay National Park and the forest of El Cedro which has some amazing and unique vegetation.

Stop in Las Rosas for a typical home cooked Gomeran meal and enjoy a demonstration of the famous La Gomeran whistling language.

Then on through Chipude and El Cercado, enjoy the spectacular Agando rock and then on to sample the history and culture of San Sebastian. Visit the church of the Asuncion, the San Sebastian Chapel and the tower of El Conde.

Back on the high speed ferry to Los Cristianos, enjoy the trip.

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