Flying with Pets

Flying with pets

Pets accompanying their owners on a trip can be accepted as luggage when the corresponding tariff has been paid, regardless of the class in which the passenger is to fly.

As a general rule, these animals must be checked in and loaded into the hold of the aircraft, where they will be placed in a container which some airlines can provide.

Sometimes they are allowed to fly with their owners in the passenger cabin, provided that the pet does not cause any bother to nearby passengers. The owner must fulfil certain requirements and is responsible for the pet’s care and transport during the flight. For this, the maximum measurements of the container must be respected, as well as the conditions of the maximum permitted weight of the animal with its container or cage, as applied by the airline and that should be previously consulted.

Animals must travel properly documented, through a pet passport or veterinary certificate, identified by way of a microchip or tattoo and with all required vaccinations (in some countries with an evaluation of antibodies).

It is wise, when booking or purchasing the ticket either at the airline or the travel agency, to express your intention of taking a pet on board and to be informed of the specific conditions for transportation.

Guide dogs

Dogs trained as guides to accompany a passenger with a disability will, in general, travel in the cabin, unless prohibited by national regulations or the airlines. The dog’s transport, whether in the hold or in the cabin, will not be charged. It is not necessary to carry out any special procedure, but the dog must wear a muzzle, collar and lead. If the dog is to travel in the cabin, it will be placed next to the passenger in a place indicated by the crew.

Please check with your Tenerife agent or airline before booking making any reservations. All airlines have their own terms and conditions and not all airlines accept pets on all flights.


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