Loro Parque Tenerife Dolphins and Sea Lions

Loro Parque Dolphins

Loro Parque Dolphins

Make a visit to the Dolphin Stadium and you will not be disappointed with the show. You will be charmed by the poise and intelligence of the dolphins as they swim and jump elegantly to a musical soundtrack. It is a spectacular show that you will never forget.

The range of stunts they perform is almost beyond belief and they are obviously very happy to display their agility, even with a sense of fun. They appear to be at one with their trainers and a lot of hard work must have been put in to create such a stunning show.

Don’t miss the seal lions either, few animals display such a natural sense of fun, the seal lion family will enchant you with their delightful antics and amazing intelligence. Head to this show for some guaranteed laughs.

Read more about the Loro Parque and the many other attractions you will see when you visit the Loro  Parque in Tenerife.


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