Siam Park Water Kingdom Tenerife – Naga Racer

Naga Racer

Naga Racer

The Siam Park has created a massive multi-lane slide just for you to have fun.

Read more about the Siam Park and Water Kingdom in Tenerife and all the other rides and attractions.


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3 Responses to Siam Park Water Kingdom Tenerife – Naga Racer

  1. Gail Bradbrook says:

    N’T NOT GO TO THIS PARK if you have a young family (under fives). We went to this park with a young family and there was NOTHING good for them to do- and it cost 79 Euros for us to get in and pay for the locker. Their treatment of our complaint was appalling and they refused any compensation and messed us around. The senior people wouldn’t talk to us. Their promotional materials purposely don’t mention this (printed) or down play it (web) so you go there and cough up.

    They may say little ones can go on the beach (hey what about the free beaches everywhere else!) or the lost Kingdom. I got told to not go down the slide with my four year old- he had to go on his own. Also in that area is a massive vat of water that drops on their heads plus lots of buckets cheeky older boys want to pour on you.

    I also got told that I could leave my four year old with my partner who was also minding the baby and go on slides myself- leaving them to wait around- terrific advice for a family day out.

    • Thank you for your comment Gail, reading this I am not sure if you are saying the slides were not suitable for under 4’s. I take your point about beaches being free, I guess to get maximum value you need to partake of all the activies or accept that some members of your group are paying for something they are not going to use. I would appreciate any advice about age or size restrictions at the Siam Park.

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