All inclusive in Tenerife

Another large hotel chain has just announced the opening of a new all inclusive superior hotel in Tenerife. The hotel claims to continue the tradition of providing unique vacation experiences, rooted in superior customer service and quality, in the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

The hotel chain say they are expanding their offering in Tenerife to cater to both families and luxury travelers with the addition of the new hotel.

All inclusive hotels claim to offer the experience of the highest level of service, quality, cuisine and amenities. For properties that are all-inclusive, the experience sometimes includes tips and taxes, food and beverages, non-motorized water sports, entertainment and resort activities.

All inclusive seems to be a growing trend amongst hotel chains, many local businesses suffer because of this growing insular form of tourism. More should be done to encourage free activities outside of these all inclusive resort hotels. Tourists wearing coloured wrist bands are less likely to boost the economy of Tenerife because they have already paid for everything before departing on their holidays.

Maybe something should be done to limit the new brand of all inclusive tourism before it completely strangles local businesses. These local businesses add variety to the Tenerife tourism experience, empty bars and restaurants will hardly focus the spotlight on Tenerife as a popular tourist destination.

Tenerife tourist are of course free to leave these all inclusive resort complexes but, from what the locals are saying, businesses are already being squeezed out by this modern trend. Will these top hotels chains still be able to claim Tenerife is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the future?


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