Tenerife TF1 Fonsalia Slip Road

Did anyone notice works to the slip road from the TF1 motorway extension down to Fonsalia stopped about 8 weeks ago. Apparently that was because funding was diverted to a another project on one of the other Canary Islands.

A huge amount of money has already been invested in the TF1 motorway extension from the roundabout just past Adeje and that is evident with the works progressing at various locations along the current road to Guia de Isora.

There would have been a big loss of investment if works on the partially built slip road to Fonsalia stopped permanently but there is evidence that works have restarted this week so hopefully the slip road to Fonsalia can now be completed opening up faster travel to and from the Los Gigantes end of the Island.

What we do not see currently is any works progressing on the new port at Fonsalia. Maybe that will start after the slip road has been opened to avoid heavy construction traffic on the current coastal road.

Read the original article about the TF1 motorway extension.


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