Another new beach for Alcala in Tenerife

The Spanish government have pledged three million Euros to build a new beach and promenade at La Jaquita (Alcala). Plans to beuild the new beach and promenade have been approved, and the local council says it is hoping to award the contract during the next few weeks.

Mayor Pedro Martín says the new beach at Alcala will complement Playa San Juan, where a tourist information office has recently opened. Play San Juan has grown from a small fishing village to a chic lay back resort since the new beach was constructed there. The new beach at Alcala will strengthen Guía de Isora’s case to be formally designated a tourist town, which will bring more public investment and help local businesses thrive. The project is the second to be undertaken in La Jaquita during the last few years, following the extensive work done to the seafront stretch during 2007.

This is good new for Tenerife Property buyers in Playa San Juan and Alcala where throngs of Brits are increasingly in evidence. Property is still cheap in this area but prices are set to rise along with tourist popularity. There is already a strong holiday rental market in Playa San Juan. During the winter is is popular with northern Europeans and during the summer it is also popular with tourists from mainland Spain.

More about Playa San Juan and the new beach.


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