Tenerife – TF1 Motorway Extension Progess Photos

Since our first blog post on the TF1 extension, construction evidence is not hard to see on the stretch between the Armenime roundabout running out towards Los Gigantes. The first part of the motorway to Los Menores has been open now for several months. Works on the slip road to Fonsalia which will eventually connect with the new port stopped at the end of 2009 due to funding problems although much of the hard work had already been done.

We are now seeing the route take shape and if you look on Google’s satellite imaging, even though it is not up to date, you can see construction of various sections of motorway in progress. When Google update the imaging it may be possible to see the exact route of the motorway which seems to have been a closely guarded secret.  No chance of buying up land in line for compulsory purchase at this stage and anyway many, of the locals are saying compensation payments were not that great.

Construction of this motorway is no mean feat because of the number of barrancas and ridges along the route. Millions of tons of earth and volcanic rock have been moved to slice a route through the ridges and that material has been used to elevate some of the dips. In the following photo you can see how they construct a modular concrete wall to retain the rocks, it looks awfully thin when you look closely, no more than 150mm, but it seems to do the job and it blends in quite well with the surroundings. You can click on any photo to see an enlargement.

TF1 Motorway Piedra HincadaHere is another photo showing a large section of elevated motorway on the slip road to Fonsalia, you can see the motorway will rise to cross a bridge on the right but this view has not changed for almost a year now because work stopped.

TF1 Fonsalia Slip RoadWhat is even more amazing is how they construct the bridges across the barrancas, as you will see in the following photo. In this location they constructed a huge column in the middle of the barranca and spanned out a steel bridge which is being used to crane the concrete sections of bridge into place. How they fix them together is not clear, credit to the Engineers for sorting that out.

TF1 Bridge ConstructionThe concrete bridge modules are prefabricated and transported to the bridge location on trucks.

The TF1 motorway extension is quite a project due to the topography of Tenerife and completion will be quite an achievement and of grat benefit to the island.

Eventually the TF1 motorway will extend around the entire island to link up with the motorway serving Puerto de L Cruz. That will make travelling around Tenerife much easier and completion is eagerly awaited to reduce journey times.

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