Tenerife Night Sky showing the Milky Way

Tenerife Night Sky showing Milky WayTenerife Night Sky showing the Milky Way – Amateur astronomer Juan Carlos Casado stitched together this extraordinary shot from nine photos of the night sky. Article already published in the Daily Mail.

Viewed as one digitally-fused image, as they are here, and the result is a 360-degree panorama. The faint band of light that stretches across the sky is the disc of our spiral galaxy. It appears to encircle Earth – this is because we are inside the disc.

Also visible is Tenerife’s Teide Volcano near the centre of the image, behind a volcanic landscape that includes many huge boulders.

But far behind these Earthly structures are many sky wonders that are invisible to the unaided eye, such as the bright waxing moon inside the arch. Also visible are the Pleiades open star cluster and Barnard’s Loop, which can be seen as the half red ring below the Milky Way band. The stars that the human eye can distinguish in the night sky are relatively near and are all part of the Milky Way.

Our galaxy contains between 100billion and 400billion stars, as well as an estimated 50 billion planets.

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2 Responses to Tenerife Night Sky showing the Milky Way

  1. Great pic of Milky way, if you like this then you have to check out a youtube video of Tenerife by a Norwegian called Terje Sorgjerd , the video is called the Mountain and is tiome lapse photography of Tenerife. Could help sell property in Tenerife .

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