Latest Tenerife Fincas for sale Rustic Finca from €26,000

Tenerife Rustic Finca for saleWe have just taken on 6 new fincas for sale, one near the coast of Las Eras which is just off the TF1 motorway after Poris de Abona. This Tenerife Finca is incredible value at under €5 per square metre. The others are in the Guia de Isora area ranging from €5.20 per square metre up to €30 per square metre.  The size of these Tenerife fincas range from 1,500 square metres to 16,000 square metres.

Prices of these Tenerife Fincas are determined according to location, means of access, built development, planning prospects, connected services and the size of the plot. Some of these fincas are small and cheap enough to purchase for recreational use. Other fincas, like the 1500 square metre plot in Guia de Isora have been prepared ready for cultivation.

Planning prospects will depend on many factors,  planning permission is best sought in stages, normally you can get permission to erect a storeroom which can used as basic accommodation, for weekend use etc. If you are intending to use the land for horses you might then be able to get permission for a stable block. You can also apply to get planning permission for a water tank and later enclose it with roof. It is a slow process normally so do not expect to buy rustic land and get planning permission to construct a luxury villa because it won’t happen.

The planning authorities in Tenerife are quite wise to floutation of Planning Laws and apparently they carry out aerial surveys periodically to see what has recently been developed. There is no escape.

These are the new Tenerife Fincas we currently have for sale:

Click on the links to read more and see photos.

Guia de Isora

1500m2 only €45,000 (€30/m2)Rustic Finca, 1500m2 plot of land located in Guia de Isora, under the new motorway, completely fenced, with a storage room, prepared to start with planting.

2300m2 only €54,000 (23.47/m2) – Rustic Finca, 2300m2 plot of land, 250 metres above sea level, only 3 min by car to the beach, fantastic sea views, situated under the new motorway.

3000m2 only €53,000 (€17.66/m2) – Rustic Finca with access by road, 3000m2 plot of land, water tank, situated under the new motorway, only 10min by car to the beach, sea views.

2000m2 only €47,000 (23.50/m2) – Rustic Finca, 2000m2 plot of land, existing project for a storage room, water is to the side of the Finca, only 15 min by car to the beach, sea views.

4996m2 only €26,000 (5.20/m2) – Rustic Finca, 250m above sea level, 4996m2 plot of land. The access is not by asphalt road but easy access could be provided at low cost. Only 5 min by car to the beach, situated under the new motorway.

Las Eras

16,000m2 only €75,000 (€4.68/m2) – Rustic Finca, 16.000m2 plot of land, sea views, access by road.

See more details of all the Tenerife Fincas for sale.

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