Woman from the UK decapitated in Los Cristianos, Tenerife

A woman from the UK was repeatedly stabbed and had her head cut off (decapitated) by a Bulgarian national in Los Cristianos this morning. This happened in a busy Chinese bargain store in the centre of the town.

According to eye witnesses, the man stabbed the woman several times with a large knife and then decapitated her. All this was in front of many bystanders who were left in complete shock, the man never uttered a single word during this brief and awful slaughter. The man then left the store carrying the head and ran across the road, fortunately he was chased and was brought down very quickly, then subsequently arrested by the police.

This is shockingly bad news for the people of Los Cristianos which is a mellow and peaceful tourist town with a low crime rate and no history of violence. It is awful to think that this woman must have suffered a horrifying death and our heart goes out to her family. Apparently the UK woman who has not yet been named was resident in Tenerife. No doubt we will hear more about this dreadful crime in due course.

Update 14th May 2011 – apparently the assailant was released from a mental hospital 3 months before this murder by decapitation in Los Cristianos. We hope there is a full investigation by the Spanish authorities, only time will tell whether that will happen. There have been many deaths of UK citizens in Tenerife which we feel have not been fully investigated. UK citizens have died or gone missing in Tenerife with some big question marks.

Update 14th May 2011 – The British woman stabbed and decapitated in Tenerife has been named by her family as 60-year-old Jennifer Mills-Westley. Her daughter Sarah said she was “full of life, generous of heart and would do anything for anyone”. She said her mother was enjoying her retirement, travelling between Tenerife and France and visiting her other daughter in Norfolk. Regional newspaper La Opinion said the suspect had received treatment at the psychiatric unit of a local hospital in February after being involved in previous violent incidents.

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Tenerife TF1 Fonsalia Slip Road

Did anyone notice works to the slip road from the TF1 motorway extension down to Fonsalia stopped about 8 weeks ago. Apparently that was because funding was diverted to a another project on one of the other Canary Islands.

A huge amount of money has already been invested in the TF1 motorway extension from the roundabout just past Adeje and that is evident with the works progressing at various locations along the current road to Guia de Isora.

There would have been a big loss of investment if works on the partially built slip road to Fonsalia stopped permanently but there is evidence that works have restarted this week so hopefully the slip road to Fonsalia can now be completed opening up faster travel to and from the Los Gigantes end of the Island.

What we do not see currently is any works progressing on the new port at Fonsalia. Maybe that will start after the slip road has been opened to avoid heavy construction traffic on the current coastal road.

Read the original article about the TF1 motorway extension.

Iberia flight diverted to Tenerife due to Medical Emergency

An Iberia Airbus A346 flight was diverted to Tenerife on 15th January following an inflight medical emergency. The flight was en-route from Madrid in Spain to Buenos Aires in Argentina and was carrying 330 passengers.

A 60 year old male passenger on board become unwell and was displaying the symptoms of a heart attack. Fortunately there were three doctors on board and they were able to stabilise the patient.

Iberia then took the decision to divert the flight to Tenerife and after dumping fuel the flight landed safely at Los Rodeos Airport in the north of Tenerife.

The patient was taken to a local hospital and the passengers were taken to various local hotels in Tenerife until the flight could set off again.

The flight departed from Tenerife and arrived in  Buenos Aires 19 hours late due to the medical emergency.

African Immigrants intercepted in Tenerife

A Vessel was spotted by the Coastguard yesterday eight miles of the coast of Tenerife which was seen to be carrying a large number of passengers. The vessel was intercepted and further investigation revealed that the vessel was carrying 77 Africans; several children were amongst the passengers.

The vessel was taken in to the port of Los Cristianos where the passengers disembarked and the owner of the vessel was arrested by the Guardia Civil. The passengers, who were all, would be immigrants were said to be in a good state of health but they will undergo further medical tests today.

The vessel was said to be dangerous and unseaworthy but it had safely made the crossing form Africa like so many other craft bringing would be immigrants hoping to enter Spain in this way. The number of similar incidences has fallen due to increased coastal surveillance.

Immigrant boat arrives in Tenerife

Europa Press reported that today at 6.00am a cayuco boat was spotted 9 miles south of Punta Rasca in Tenerife carrying 41 immigrants on board. The boat was discovered by the Foreign Surveilance system.

The Guardia Civil patrol boat “Pico Teide” was despatched to rendezvous with the cayuco and the two boats met 4 miles off the coast. Two of the immigrants were transferred to a medical centre at El Mojon and the boat was towed to Los Cristianos Harbour where it arrived this morning. All of the other immigrants were found to be in good health.

The immigrants were taken to a reception centre so that their condition could be assessed. More information about their origin will be made available later.

Traffic Jams in Tenerife at Las Teresitas Beach

Teresitas Beach

Teresitas Beach

Last Sunday, the Santa Cruz Department of Public Safety and Transport noted a total of 16429 vehicles went to Las Teresitas beach. The result of course was massive traffic congestion. This beach only has 1165 designated parking spaces so it must have been very difficult to park.

On Sunday morning repeated warnings were given out on local radio stations advising people to use public transport. Ironically, the buses were also stuck in the traffic.

Las Teresitas beach is possibly one of the best beaches on the Island and it is just a 7kM drive from Santa Cruz, the highly populated capital city of Tenerife. The beach is obviously very popular with the locals but an increasing number of visitors are now being attracted from all over the Island.

It is a beautiful tropical designer beach with palm trees, a mountain backdrop and soft light sand imported from the Sahara Desert. Facilities are very good and it is very safe for bathing because it has man made protective sea barrier. Many say Las Teresitas beach is the best on the Island, it is a stunning location and a must place to visit.

If you are a tourist it is better to go on a weekday. Sundays are always the busiest day on Tenerife beaches.

Tenerife Timeshare Arrests

This piece of hot news was just published by Typically Spanish.

“The Interior Ministry says more than 50 people were affected and up to 1.5 million Euro defrauded.

Seven people have been arrested in a timeshare fraud on Tenerife, in a case which the Interior Ministry said would have affected more than 50 people and brought the fraudsters up to €1.5 million.

The fraud in the southern part of the island consisted in the suspects contacting the victims saying they had a purchaser interested in buying their rights to the property. Those who chose to go ahead were charged around €30,000 in taxes and the cost of transferring ownership. They heard nothing further from either their supposed buyer or the intermediary after the money had changed hands.

Officers found in a property search which took place as part of the five-month investigation banking documents, property deeds and receipts for money transfers to Senegal. The seven in custody are the holders of bank accounts where the money defrauded was paid, and are all residents of Tenerife. The Ministry has not released details of their nationalities”.