Los Cristianos Sunday Market Closes and Reopens

Avenida Londres Los Cristianos Sunday MarketThe popular Los Cristianos Market in Tenerife closed on Sunday 1st June 2014 without much warning, apparently for security reasons. There has since been much local protest regarding the closure, many local businesses rely on the bus loads of bargain hunting tourists, which the market brings to the area.

We were pleased to note that today, Sunday 15th June, the market has reopened in a nearby new location. That was simply achieved by closing Avenida Londres which is a dual carriageway, in one direction and erecting hundreds of temporary tented stalls for the day, see all the photos below. No one knows yet if this is to be a permanent home for the Sunday Market.

The previous market was in the confined area and during the hot summer months visitors often complained about the high temperatures due to the high density of people and lack of natural ventilation due to the small space, enclosed on two sides.

The new location has a lot more space and some traders are already saying this is a much improved venue for the market with plenty of space and adequate air movement. The market was busy today but with a lot less jostling than before.



Woman from the UK decapitated in Los Cristianos, Tenerife

A woman from the UK was repeatedly stabbed and had her head cut off (decapitated) by a Bulgarian national in Los Cristianos this morning. This happened in a busy Chinese bargain store in the centre of the town.

According to eye witnesses, the man stabbed the woman several times with a large knife and then decapitated her. All this was in front of many bystanders who were left in complete shock, the man never uttered a single word during this brief and awful slaughter. The man then left the store carrying the head and ran across the road, fortunately he was chased and was brought down very quickly, then subsequently arrested by the police.

This is shockingly bad news for the people of Los Cristianos which is a mellow and peaceful tourist town with a low crime rate and no history of violence. It is awful to think that this woman must have suffered a horrifying death and our heart goes out to her family. Apparently the UK woman who has not yet been named was resident in Tenerife. No doubt we will hear more about this dreadful crime in due course.

Update 14th May 2011 – apparently the assailant was released from a mental hospital 3 months before this murder by decapitation in Los Cristianos. We hope there is a full investigation by the Spanish authorities, only time will tell whether that will happen. There have been many deaths of UK citizens in Tenerife which we feel have not been fully investigated. UK citizens have died or gone missing in Tenerife with some big question marks.

Update 14th May 2011 – The British woman stabbed and decapitated in Tenerife has been named by her family as 60-year-old Jennifer Mills-Westley. Her daughter Sarah said she was “full of life, generous of heart and would do anything for anyone”. She said her mother was enjoying her retirement, travelling between Tenerife and France and visiting her other daughter in Norfolk. Regional newspaper La Opinion said the suspect had received treatment at the psychiatric unit of a local hospital in February after being involved in previous violent incidents.

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Restaurant Margarita Los Cristianos Tenerife

Restaurant MargaritaRestaurant Margarita is something of a local landmark in Los Cristianos, Tenerife, having been so successful it remained unopened for two years, apparently for personal reasons. In July 2010 the restaurant was taken over by new owners who saw the true potential of this restaurant. It has a large but private terrace with an outside BBQ near the entrance, which makes it very difficult to pass it by if you are feeling hungry. The BBQ really is a piece of art, it looks like something fabricated from a sketch drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Inside there are attractive dining areas, a bar area and an upper gallery, not something which you would imagine when looking from the outside. Restaurant Margarita is the image of classyvenue for private parties and would make an ideal venue for a wedding reception. Tenerife is not exactly overwhelmed with suitable and affordable places to host a private party or a wedding reception.

Restaurant Margarita in Los Cristianos is open 7 days a week 365 days per year serving breakfast, snacks and evening meals. The bar is open all day for coffee, drinks & cocktails so if you fancy a nice chilled drink(s) you can just call in. You can even bring your swimming costume because there is pool par upstairs which is also part of the Restaurant Margarita.

The restaurant serves a vast range of home-cooked local Canarian cuisine and also English dishes, Pizza, Pasta, Paellas, and the BBQ is certainly not to be missed. The food is available to take-away, something which is very popular with the locals. The cellar also stocks a vast range of Wines, Spirits and Cocktails.

With Free Wi-fi and designated non-smoking areas, Restaurant Margarita caters for everyone. It is a great location for a business meeting, especially if you need internet access.

Restaurant Margarita is  located opposite the Cristian Sur Hotel, with the Tenerife Sur, Aguamar and Parque Margarita complex all very very close by.

Tel: 0034 922 753 172 and ask for Eddie or Ali. Visit the Restaurant Margarita Facebook page and read the reviews for yourself.

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African Immigrants intercepted in Tenerife

A Vessel was spotted by the Coastguard yesterday eight miles of the coast of Tenerife which was seen to be carrying a large number of passengers. The vessel was intercepted and further investigation revealed that the vessel was carrying 77 Africans; several children were amongst the passengers.

The vessel was taken in to the port of Los Cristianos where the passengers disembarked and the owner of the vessel was arrested by the Guardia Civil. The passengers, who were all, would be immigrants were said to be in a good state of health but they will undergo further medical tests today.

The vessel was said to be dangerous and unseaworthy but it had safely made the crossing form Africa like so many other craft bringing would be immigrants hoping to enter Spain in this way. The number of similar incidences has fallen due to increased coastal surveillance.

La Gomera Day Trip

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A visit to the Island of La Gomera is a very worthwhile trip, especially if you want to visit another Island which is completely different to Tenerife.

Catch the high speed ferry to La Gomera, Christopher Columbus set sail from this island to discover the Americas.

Aboard the coach again to travel up through the valley of Hermigua towards the Garonajay National Park and the forest of El Cedro which has some amazing and unique vegetation.

Stop in Las Rosas for a typical home cooked Gomeran meal and enjoy a demonstration of the famous La Gomeran whistling language.

Then on through Chipude and El Cercado, enjoy the spectacular Agando rock and then on to sample the history and culture of San Sebastian. Visit the church of the Asuncion, the San Sebastian Chapel and the tower of El Conde.

Back on the high speed ferry to Los Cristianos, enjoy the trip.

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The Tenerife Peter Pan Pirate Cruise

The Tenerife Peter Pan Pirate Cruise

The Tenerife Peter Pan Pirate Cruise

This is a popular cruise from Los Cristianos Harbour. If you are not staying in Los Cristianos they run a free bus service which covers a wide area.Take the trip and see the Dolphins and Whales, you can even take a swim. Food and drinks are available. This is a great day out for all the family with some great photo opportunities.

There are two Peter Pan Pirate Cruises every day for three hours commencing at 10.00am and 1.30pm.

Don’t forget your swimming gear or your camera.

Tenerife Homeless on the Waterfront in Los Cristianos

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Last Sunday in Los Cristianos, there was an extraordinarily low tide which revealed large areas of the harbour shore which are normally submerged. A carpet of organic growth was evident  on the volcanic bedrock and numerous rock pools, some abundant with marine life stranded by the low tidal recession.

On a busy area of the harbour front there are several old buildings built close to the waterfront, some are perched on stable rock but there is one building which has started subsiding into the harbour. One would not normally see the Los Cristianos harbour side of this building because it is fenced off on both sides but the recent low tide revealed a building with a secret.

Part of a Derelict Building

Part of a Derelict Building

The foundations of this building have been compromised by wave erosion and large parts of the structure have fallen into the sea. Parts of the floor remain hanging precariously metres above the waves. It is probably fair to say this building should have been condemned for structural instability, yet most of it remains in suspension over the sea.

A closer inspection of this building revealed some concealed inhabitants who would be at great risk should a collapse of the building occur. There was a man from Mauretania standing in the remaining half of a kitchen, the floor has lost all support and defies gravity for the time being. There was a room behind this, presumably where he lives.

Derelict but Occupied

Derelict but Occupied

A third room was occupied by a man from Venezuela. The corner of this room had fallen into the sea leaving a wonderful sea view. The man says he has lived in this room for a year or so, he is unable to find sustained work and cannot afford the air fare home.

Another Occupied Room

Another Occupied Room

There was also another room which it appears may once have been shop, an inhabitant may have been out at the time, there was a makeshift bed and evidence of habitation.

Unnocupied Room

Unnocupied Room

Another room had long since been deserted and was full of old furniture and foul smelling refuse.

The Deserted Room

The Deserted Room

The building itself appears to be quite old and it is probably illegal like many seafront buildings in Spain. It is probably not registered and therefore does not have a responsible owner.

Sadly, the fate of this building is probably already sealed. At the moment the building could probably still be salvaged with some under pinning and rebuilding and it is in a great location for commercial use. It would make a great museum which would probably pay for itself whilst preserving the cultural heritage of the area. If it is lost it will surely be lost for all time. Overall, the building is quite large and most of it appears to be stable except the parts which we photographed.

Whatever happens, the current inhabitants will need to find alternative housing, it must be hoped they will be able to do so before this Tenerife property finally collapses into the sea.

The irony is that this secret building is located only metres from the main Los Cristianos tourist drag. It is also sad that people who would otherwise be homeless have to take refuge in such a dangerous structure. How many other Tenerife Homeless people are there tucked away from Tenerife Tourism?